Holding the Exhibition

The international Easter Postcard Exhibition "Easter Postcards from 1898 till today" takes place every year in another country at Easter time. Because there are 193 independent countries in the world the exhibition can be hold in 176 other countries.

No Exhibition settled for: 2020, 2021

If you know persons or organizers who want to take the chance to hold the exhibition for free in one of the 176 countries, then please contact us through using the following data:

Franz Salzmann
NÍ Landespflegeheim
Stefan Fadinger Str. 32
A-3300 Amstetten

Tel.: 0043/7472/62103-711101
Fax: 0043/7472/62103-711199

E-Mail: franz.salzmann@noelandesheime.at / franz.salzmann@gmx.at

On this About-Page you find some information about the manager Mr. Franz Salzmann.

Conditions for holding the international Easter Postcard Exhibition:
  1. The organizer has to pay nothing.
  2. The organizer tries to care for the security of the Easter Postcards during the Exhibition but he has no obligation.
  3. The build-up of the Exhibition will be accomplished by the manager Franz Salzmann to the agreed time. The organizer has to provide pin boards, glass cabinets or other adequate equipment for fixing the Easter Postcards which will be in small clear plastic folders. In the case of pin boards the Easter Postcards will be fixed with the clear plastic folders with four pins in each case or small nails.
  4. In an hour of information Mr. Franz Salzmann will motivate interested people to think about the time where they wrote Easter Postcards by themselves. During that time the attendants will have the opportunity to touch the Easter Postcards which will be in small clear plastic folders. Interested people are also welcome to help with the build-up of the Exhibition. If desired by the organizer a ceremonially opening (vernissage) is possible.
  5. For the Easter Postcard Exhibition Mr. Franz Salzmann will come to you with the Easter Postcards in his bag for some days.
  6. The travelling costs will be paid from the prize money, which he got for an award called "Seniorenclubpreis" in 2001. It would be nice if the organizer or the town could provide a guest- or hotel room for free (which was the case during most of the past exhibitions) but that is not a condition for organizing the Exhibition.