Previous Exhibitions

2011: Liechtenstein

2010: Switzerland
Arbon, rest home Sonnhalden
March 19 th - April 5th

Special thanks to Miss Marlene Schadegg, leader of the rest home in Arbon, for her organization and medial help. At the end of the exhibition, there were an easterquiz with prices from the local shops.

2009: Slovenia
Lenart, Town hall and Caritas-resthome
March 27th - April 20th

Thanks to Miss Darja Ornik, the chief of culture management of the city of Lenart. She was very helpful by translation and organisation of the exhibition 2009. The exhibition 2009 was divided to two parts. The big one was to see in the assembly hall of the town hall of Lenart with 42 clip frames (50 cm x 70 cm)behind glass. The smaller one was to marvel at the Caritas resthome of Lenart.

2008: Part 1: Estonia
Tallinn, Kursana Merivälja Pansion
March 6 th - March 31th, 2008

The exhibition was made with helping from the old people of the rest home. Some men and women spoke not only Estonian language, but also English and German. The most famous Estonian painter Evald Okas(93)painted a picture for me.

2008: Part 2: Austria
Leiben, Castle Leiben
March 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th

10 years Easter postcard exhibition: this was the reason to show the exhibition after 10 years in Austria again - on a big castle 3 km north of river Danube

2007: Finland
Helsinki, Post Museum ( March 14th - April 9th; ------------------------------------------------- Helsinki, Nursing home Käkikello: March 10th with looking to the lovely Easter Postcards by the old people of the home

To mark the jubilee of the Easter-Postcard-Exhibition 10th it was hold up in the Helsinki-Postmuseum - best loceted in the city next Main-railway-station. Director Franz Salzmann explained this exhibition to the visitors on the day of opening. Some days before Mr. Franz Salzmann had shown some lovely Easter Postcards to the old people of the Käkikello nursing home.

2006: Cyprus
Paralimni, Kepa - Ayios Kristoforos
April 17th - April 20th

The Exhibition took place in a small residential home for the eldery which was carried out by the greek-orthodox church. Most interest gained the cards with religious themes and flowers. The motto of the Exhibition for the 22 residents and visitors was: "Small but nice".

2005: Luxembourg
Diekirch and Remich, Residence Du Park / Maison Saint Joseph
March 14th - 15th / March 16th - 18th

The Easter Postcard Exhibition took place for the first time in two different locations. The response was very positive. Special thanks for their dedication go to Manager Georges Dahm, Mayor Jeannot Belling and Manager Jean Bohler.
The Exhibition also served as great scenery for a big birthday party.

2004: Spain
Santa Ponca/Mallorca, Es Castellot
March 18th

Special thanks belong to the evangelical Reverend of Palma de Mallcore who cares for the religious needs of the noble residential home for the elderly, for the organisation of a speech about the previous Exhibitions and the background of it.

2003: Greece
Heraklion, Chisovalantou
April 21st

The Exhibition took place in a greek-orthodox abbey during Easter. Special interesst gained the cards with religious motives. These cards were eyed for minutes and then smothered with kisses by religious persons.

2002: Italy
Pergine/Trento, Casa Di Riposo S. Spirito
April 5th - April 14th

Manager Ezio Beber has collected old Italian Easter Postcards with inhabitants of the residential home for the elderly before the begin of the Exhibition. This cards where added to the Exhibition.
Furthermore Manager Ezio Beber organized a great vernissage. The opening carried out by mayor Renzo Anderle.

2001: Sweden
Helsingborg, Stattenahemmet
March 25th - March 31st

It is due to Mrs Martha Olsson, a retired emerita professor and Austrian who lives in Sweden, that the Exhibition was a great success in Helsingborg. She has not only chosen the location but was also a perfect interpreter for Mr Franz Salzmann during the whole Exhibition

2000: Germany
Stuttgart, Haus am Weinberg
March 26th - May 28th

In the "Haus am Weinberg" differnt exhibitions take place all the time. The representative of the inhabitants of the house of the elderly Friedrich Stolzenberg was a big help during the buildup of the Exhibition together with other inhabitants. Furthermore showed Mr Stolzenberg Mr Salzmann the city with his car.
Mr Stolzenberg also came to Amstetten to visit the NÖ LPPH and to get to know the city.

1999: Netherlands
Capelle/Rotterdam, Capelse Verpleeghuizen
March 25th - April 16th

The Exhibition stood under the motto "Gesture of reparation for the destruction of Rotterdom - Austria's senior as warriors in the former "Reichswehr" please Rotterdam's seniors with a great Easter Postcard Exhibition".
Austria's ambassador in the Netherlands Dr. Alexander Christiani spoke in his opening speech about this motto and got a positive response from the local media.

1998: Austria
Amstetten, LPPH
April 9th - 12th

Austria's vice-chancellor and foreign minister Dr. Alois Mock opened the Exhibition. Because he was under time pressure he came back to the next day to watch the Exhibition unhurriedly.